Tired of feeling dumb, down or lazy?

Press to jolt your brain into overdrive, break out of the slump and do more of the work that matters – so you can go to sleep tonight with a grin on your face.

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Lock & Load.

Choose the right session for the task at hand (with the provided use cases we make this process a breeze) and load it in your favorite music player or applications. No headphones necessary. Wear them while you work and let the world fade away, or enjoy the freedom and versatility. With Brainhance the choice is yours.

Press Play.

This is where the magic happens and as you’ll soon find out the secret is in the wub-wubs and the pop! Within minutes Brainhance’s unique audio technology gently snaps your brain into the right state to ensure you do the things that need done.


Lofty or homely, no matter your goal or intent, Brainhance will help you streamline your life so you can get more out of the way and achieve success every day, so you can go to bed at night with a grin on your face.

Brainhance Guarantees You Get More Done Today – Without Headaches

Inside your Quick Start Guide you will…

Get Creative with Brainhance Flow Session

Say good-bye to creative and writer’s block. Brainhance Flow Session provides monk-like focus and serenity to assist you in daily tasks requiring right brain creative efforts so you can easily manifest your vision into reality.

An estimated $17 value.

Get Smart with Brainhance Clarity Session:

Stop wasting time in the morning dilly-dallying over that third cup of black coffee and kick start your genius engine with the Brainhance Clarity Session guaranteed to clear the brain fog and have you wide awake in minutes, not hours.

An estimated $17 value.

Get Focused with Brainhance Focus Session

Ideal for tasks requiring left brain logical focus; from studying, coding and programming, technical analysis, or any other tasks where a single mistake can flush hours of hard work down the drain, Brainhance Focus Session helps you do more of that nerdy that brings home the money.

An estimated $17 value.

Break Through your Limitations with the Powerhouse Lab Notes Inaugural Issue

Normally printed in small limited runs available exclusively by invitation to members of Powerhouse Prime, you will receive a free digital copy of the Powerhouse Lab Notes inaugural issue so you can experience your first real mindset breakthroughs for long-term success.

Inside this inaugural first issue:

A daily program which practically GUARANTEES you take back control of your life and allows you to shape your destiny through small simple achievable steps – no matter what odds or obstacles stand against you today

The decision-making framework used by Dwight “Ike” Eisenhower to stay focused while making the toughest decisions of his career as US Army General, Allied Supreme Commander and 34th president of the United Stated of America. – This five-minute trick alone is guaranteed to shave off years of wasted time and energy and fast-track your career, business, or personal projects.

An Italian economist’s observation that can free up to 80% of your time and resources while allowing you to maintain the same impact and results without needing to cut corners or sabotage your long-term results. In fact, you could combine this mind shift with the framework above to get more done in just a few hours than most people do in a whole day – or use it to create exponential success in your life. The choice is yours

The time collapsing principle that streamlines your life and the counter-intuitive reason why you should set yourself up for failure when fixing new goals. This same principle, applied to your personal and business finances, will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars this year alone.

An estimated $127 value.


The sound technology behind Brainhance has been demonstrated to work better than other similar products on the market that require the use of headphones to accomplish noticeable results.

“I didn’t even realize I had worked straight through lunch time!”

I was skeptical at first, but now I’m a believer! I started using your sessions right away and got totally lost in my work — when I finally looked up from my computer, I had put in five hours of good solid work on my project without a break! I didn’t even realize I had worked straight through lunch time! – Cass Tyson