Origin Story

Two years ago; distressed, broke and confused, I escaped from corporate America, the big city’s hustle and bustle, and their dreams of startup unicorns.

I put on my metaphorical jet-pack, left my career behind and landed in a small diner town where life remains mostly simple.

And for a while, it was good. I regained clarity. Once again my head was buzzing with ideas and projects. But somehow, life just kept getting in the way and on the one year anniversary of my breakaway, I was still nowhere closer to my goals.

I had big schemes but it felt like I was treading water and something needed to change. I needed momentum. I had to find a way to make what little time I had matter.

As a result, Brainhance was engineered to help me supercharge my productivity. And yours.

Claim your free starter pack below to experience the difference and break out of the slump so you can go to sleep tonight with a grin on your face.

About Alex.

Alexandre Valois is a writer, entrepreneur and advisor who provides clever insights that help smart and creative individuals lead a simple, elegant and powerful life.

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